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A look through the eyes of our students

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Urdang Academy

Our students have played such a leading role in helping Urdang to establish its legacy as a top-tier performing arts vocational college.

We would like to share what our students have to say about being a part of the Urdang family, practicing in beautiful studios, training with our world-class tutors, their path to Urdang, and living in London as an Urdang student.

  • Find out why Chloe almost missed bringing her musical theatre talents to Urdang
  • Read about Winnie’s journey from working in a bagel shop in Rotterdam to training at Urdang in London
  • Learn how Daisy’s ballet background prepared her for success at Urdang
  • Understand how Nathan’s dedication to dance has shifted and expanded since attending Urdang
  • Find out why Dance Mums UK couldn’t keep Sam away from Urdang
  • Learn why Jordan, a street dancer, took on classical dance course after watching MoveIt

"The warm and friendly staff and family atmosphere along with training that is tailored to me as an individual make urdang a fantastic place to study"

Key Dates

Summer Courses

Pre Audition Course
Monday 23rd July - Friday 27th July 2018

Connect Summer School
Monday 30th July 2018 - Friday 3rd August 2018
Monday 6th August 2018 - Friday 10th August 2018

Connect UK Summer School
Monday 13th August 2018 - Friday 17th August 2018

Term Dates


Term starts: Monday 10th September 2018

Half term: week commencing Monday 22nd October 2018

End of Term: Wednesday 19th December 2018


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