Urdang Academy

Winny Herbert

Graduation year 2017
Area of Study Diploma, Track A
Specialty Triple Threat

‘I felt like I was in a dance movie like Step Up or Honey…’

Winny was working in a donut and bagel shop in Rotterdam in The Netherlands at the age of 21, when a friend told him he was headed to London for the weekend to audition for a dance and musical theatre academy, the Urdang Academy. Having grown up in a family of performers, Winny had long been passionate about dancing and he enjoyed dancing ‘on the side’ as a hobby but he had never chased the dream, he never thought he would.

Despite having three good reasons not to audition for Urdang – it was another country, another language, and he’d be auditioning without the benefit of a high level of training – Winny felt this was a time in his life when he should do something for himself. ‘Too old’ to enter dance schools in The Netherlands, Winny decided to join his friend for a weekend audition at Urdang Academy.

"Walking into the Great Hall was… magnificent. I felt like I was in a dance movie like Step Up or Honey"

Winny Herbert

Diploma, Track A

Winny auditioned successfully and was admitted to the diploma course, alongside his friend who first encouraged him to audition at Urdang. Far from home and his family, he found a second family in the students and staff at Urdang.

Winny thought he’d focus solely on dance, but Urdang is a school renowned for creating versatile performers and instead, Urdang has helped Winny to train across all three disciplines of acting, singing and dance. After training with industry professional tutors for three years and playing a dream role in RENT, Winny has become a triple threat performer and has his eyes set on performing in the West End after graduation.

“Urdang is special because it is full out: it is intense and it requires drive. It shapes you into a whole new diamond… and London is a ride”.

"The atmosphere at Urdang is lovely, warm and friendly. It’s a real blessing to be around performers because everyone is so open and so talented"

Winny Herbert

Diploma, Track A

Key Dates

Summer Courses

Pre Audition Course
Monday 23rd July - Friday 27th July 2018

Connect Summer School
Monday 30th July 2018 - Friday 3rd August 2018
Monday 6th August 2018 - Friday 10th August 2018

Connect UK Summer School
Monday 13th August 2018 - Friday 17th August 2018

Term Dates


Term starts: Monday 10th September 2018

Half term: week commencing Monday 22nd October 2018

End of Term: Wednesday 19th December 2018


All applications are now closed.  Online applications will reopen in September 2018.  Audition dates and times for 2019 entry will be confirmed shortly.

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